Friday, 25 May 2012

Indecisive or just not sure...!!!

Busy again this week....L's quilt is ready to go.

This quilt is really pretty...such a lot of work in it!  And a beautiful collection of civil war fabrics...
This is the sort of quilt I wish I had time to make, but then when faced with lots of bright colours and 'trendy' designs, I love those too....I can really never decide which I love the best!
I suppose I am in a lucky position of being able to quilt lots of different sorts of quilts and enjoy each and everyone of them...mmmm, perhaps not the smudgy purple sort!!!
What is your favourite fabric......


  1. This is really a beautiful quilt! I'm more into bright and lots of colors too. I think it is because when I first started quilting a lot of the "Civil War" type fabrics were all we could find. I really love Batiks!

  2. I like it all...although the happier the better.

  3. Gorgeous quilt...gorgeous quilting!!! You did a beautiful job. I love when you said this was the kind of quilt you wish you had time to thoughts exactly!! :-)

  4. I like the soft muted pinks and greens florals really but I don't really know enough about quilting to say what shapes but they are fascination to look at :)

  5. Gorgeous quilt, I am afraid my favourite fabric changes regularly! At the moment I love Summersville and I am hoping that the parcel waiting for me at the PO is the charm square pack and yardage I have been waiting for!