Thursday, 19 May 2011

Colourful Kaffe.....and traditional blue and white

Life is hectic...quilting, teaching, housework, gardening, dog walking, staying awake until errant younger daughter arrives home after a night on the town!!! Superwoman, not me!!!! Yawn and reach for the wine glass...

I have been very neglectful of my blog lately...must get more organised.  I have recently been very busy quilting...two lovely Kaffe Fassett quilts brightened up the studio..

Aren't they gorgeous!  A nice edge to edge pattern suited these quilts.  Then I moved on to a more traditional piece of work.

A wonderful blue and white quilt destined for someone's dad.  Just love the ribbon border. 

Meanwhile I am busy cutting and sewing a newly aquired Layer cake when I have a moment.  I will post the results as soon as it is done!!  (who knows when that will be!)  My role as taxi driver to Mr RC is now being called upon as he arrives at the train station from working in London, so must dash....