Friday, 25 May 2012

Indecisive or just not sure...!!!

Busy again this week....L's quilt is ready to go.

This quilt is really pretty...such a lot of work in it!  And a beautiful collection of civil war fabrics...
This is the sort of quilt I wish I had time to make, but then when faced with lots of bright colours and 'trendy' designs, I love those too....I can really never decide which I love the best!
I suppose I am in a lucky position of being able to quilt lots of different sorts of quilts and enjoy each and everyone of them...mmmm, perhaps not the smudgy purple sort!!!
What is your favourite fabric......

Friday, 11 May 2012

Swoon blocks coming along....

Well, the morning walk with the woollies has been accomplished.. it is sunny here today which makes a change!  And the wind has blown away the on with the day!
I have been busy making some swoon blocks lately..there will be a kit on sale at Sandown quilt show, so not long to complete it! EEkk...might get on with the fourth block this afternoon.  I am using some lovely sand coloured linen mix fabric as the sews beautifully.

I have also seen a quilt called the Retro flower quilt on jaffaquilts blog, so I am going to investigate how to make this one too....just so pretty!
However, it is on with the longarm quilting for this morning........

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Got to keep going.....

I have had a very busy few weeks and in all the six years of being in business as a longarm quilter, I have always felt so very blessed to be doing what I love.  My customers often send me lovely letters and emails and I always try my hardest to do a really good job for them.
The other day however, I had a very strange encounter with an unhappy lady......the quilt I had quilted was not to her liking and the pieced backing was not centred (she had not asked for it to be centred) but it was over a month before she brought it back to me and she had sewn and completed the binding!  It actually looked really good too..... but the complaint brought very personal abuse and she was VERY rude!!  Oh dear...not nice at all.
So this week I have felt a little battered and bruised!!  Now I know that I am not perfect but I haven't come across any really unpleasant quilter and it has quite shaken me!
Move on eh?........with a touch of sadness!