Friday, 2 September 2011

Holidays and happy times...

Well., we have been 'on holiday' for the last week.  But Mr RC had to finish some work and got loads of phonecalls!!!  We are at home anyway, so I decided to sew up a new kit for my webshop..

I love my Accuquilt cutter and it is brilliant for cutting quickly and fact an exciting package arrived just today with some new dies so I can make up some different kits for my customers..

The only trouble is that the package is very heavy and attracts lots of duty and postage!!EEEEKKK!!  Hey ho, I cant wait to try them now.
My wonderful Mum and Dad stayed with us for a couple of days this week, so we had an outing to the local National Trust property, Basildon Park...its only a few miles down the road and it is where Pride and Prejudice was filmed, with Keira Knightly.

The weather was a little grey and overcast so it looks a little gloomy in the is a lovely house and to make things even better, they had an exhibition of Horrockes clothes from the 1950s.  My Mum used to sew these dresses in South Wales when she was first married, so lots of memories.
The gardens were pretty too..

~We ended the day in The Swan pub which dates back to the 1600s and had a really good meal and some drinks.  The woolly monsters had to stay at home, so were delighted when we got back!!

Now, back to investigating my Accuquilt boxes.........yippee!!

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