Friday, 26 August 2011

Another quilt last!!

Well this project has been very time consuming....the quilt, a very colourful Kaffe Fassett creation, has lots of pieces and some crazy flying geese.  The customer wanted the geese to stand out from the backgrounds so I decided that pebbles would be good.  I freehanded them and placed some sun blocks in the larger areas with my Statler...the result is lovely, so I hope C thinks so too!!  But oh my, it took ages..

Not a brilliant picture, but still looking good!
I think I deserve a moment to stare blankly at a wall tonight!!!!  Maybe with a glass of wine in hand?? 

Did I mention that we have been putting up a summer gazebo in our garden?  Well if the weather gets better this weekend, we are now proud owners of said gazebo
Tom and Jess last weekend plus dogs!
It has rained since we put the thing up, so here's hoping for sunshine, sealed with a kiss!!!
until next time...x