Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A new week...

Just come home from a mornings teaching....sun is shining, and spring flowers are beginning to bloom

The daffs are tiny and so pretty!  I really love this time of the year especially as the evenings are beginning to draw out.
I have been very busy with quilting lately, sending a couple of quilts off this week and loading three more!  The Statler certainly helps with the edge to edge work, although the custom work is still very time consuming, but wonderful!  I took time out to finish one of my own projects this last week.....very bright Lecien fabrics, and very jolly

The lemoyne star block is lovely but my favourite is always the bear paw...just love it!!  Just have to find the time to quilt my own quilts now!  One day........!!!


  1. My daffodils are just starting to peak out of the ground which means spring is coming soon. This has been a long hard winter. I love the colors in your quilt. I always admire quilts that are bold. As soon as I finish the quilt I am working on I may just switch from the pastels that I have been working on to a quilt that has more striking colors.

  2. The flowers are just as beautiful as the quilt top. I always love the fabric you use