Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Where do the days go....?

It has been mighty busy in the Running Chicken household lately!  Just when I thought I had got on top of the backlog of quilts coming in, I have had lots of enquiries and quilts arriving by post and with their owners!!  It certainly keeps me out of mischief, and I am soooo lucky to be able to do this job.  H is coming today to pick up her absolutely beautiful appliqued and pieced quilt...

It has taken forever to quilt, but it is gorgeous and a real pleasure to do!  Hope you like it H!!
I have allowed myself a little time to sew too..only making small, quick projects, but they are fun and they don't end up in the pile of UFOs normally found in my studio.

I made these two projects from the Moda bakeshop site...but changed the heart block to a tiny size, using lovely old feedsack fabrics in my collection.  I think it turned out okay.  The penny pockets above are supposed to be filled with valentines gifts, but I intend to keep my reading glasses in them as I am always forgetting where they are!

Having sent off the mug rugs to Australia, I have not yet heard from the recipient...but, I had a lovely surprise parcel arrive for me from Portugal..two mug rugs made from Ana Maria from Lisbon.  Her blog is  Thanks once again from me!!
And finally, it is good to know someone loves me...

Until next


  1. Beautiful quilting- I know H will be thrilled!

  2. Everything is so beautiful. Love the Mug Rugs and your quilting is wonderful. Take care...I know you are busy

  3. great looking quilt, so beautifully quilted!