Monday, 31 January 2011

Obsessive, compulsive quilter....!!!!

My goodness, it has been busy in the Running Chicken house lately!  In an effort to learn really quickly all there is to know about my new Statler Stitcher on Gerty Gammill, I have been burning the midnight oil.  Lots of quilts later, I am beginning to get there!!  And combining both computerised work and freehand work is magical!!  However, just when I think I have mastered one thing, there is always another challenge...I am not hugely technically minded and you might sympathise when I explain that the three people in my life are very good with computers and so I have lived with ...."oh Mum/Karen, its like this..." and with the twiddle of a few buttons, my problems are solved....I have not found the need to worry about my inadequacies in this department!!!  NO MORE ......quilting beckons and if using a computer is a thing I have to do, I will learn to do it!!!! And secretly I am sort of enjoying it, despite lots of tantrums and name calling (only to the computer, you understand) 

Here are some of the latest pieces of work
Janice's beautiful baby quilt...lots of freehand work combined with blocks on the computer.

Gill's lovely red and white huge quilt!

Close up of some freehand/computer work

I have also had a little time to do some designing and my bright chicken quilt is still progressing, all be it very slowly

I am having such fun with this one....

I have also been organising some very lovely Lecien fabrics to sell on my website

Meanwhile, I am sitting here with all these ideas in my head and still lots of do...but feeling very horrid with an awful cold.  Snivelling and sniffing is not very attractive!!!!  The woolly monsters and I are waiting for Mr RC to come home right now....until next time...

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  1. Do hope you feel better soon. The fabrics are wonderful, so colourful!