Monday, 17 January 2011

Farnham and all change....

We have just had a very busy few days here....Farnham Maltings Quilting Sale yesterday came and went in a flash of fabrics, boxes, quilts and bags!  Always very busy but great for meeting up with all my regular customers and meeting new ones!  Margaret picked up her gorgeous red and cream quilt and Janet dropped off her pink creation..
The quilting was hand guided custom work and took ages! 
In the week before Farnham a huge box arrived in our home.....of course, it had to be investigated

Zach cannot understand why Charlie cat just adores boxes!!!  But he loves Charlie....It was my turn to explore the content of the box later.  I have been wondering whether to upgrade my Gammill for ages, and I have just taken the Statler has arrived and Gerty is now looking a little more modern!

This will make it a touch quicker to do edge to edge patterns and also hand guide my machine with ease.  But there is so much to learn, it is a bit daunting.  I haven't been up to the studio for a day or so, but I have plenty of things to read and learn about the new system and it is all too exciting!!  The woolly monsters and I are relaxing in the living room and putting off any serious hard work at present!!  Poor Mr Running chicken had to go back to work this morning!
Christmas seems a long way away now, but loading some photos, I came across a rare piccie of all the family together....wonderful memories of a lovely meal in The Royal Oak in Yattendon

I'm sure I was made to have this sort of lifestyle every day!!!!!  Hey ho....guilt is setting in and work needs to be faced with enthusiasm and positive energy!!  Yawn for now......

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