Monday, 8 April 2013

Green tea and sweet beans.....many hours in the making!!!

I have had a very busy few weeks....piles of quilting to get through (and some more!!),  preparing for Malvern quilt show and cutting/making for a local craft fair!  Orders are flying out for fabrics and patterns and I am really being kept out of mischief!   The woollies are of course having their fair share of the attention too!
I have lots of pictures to show...
These pictures show Kate Findlays latest art quilts....and she kindly allowed me to have free reign with the quilting...great fun to do and about fifteen to twenty coloured threads later, the 'northern lights' or seascapes started to evolve...

 I do so love freehand quilting...the longarm machine is wonderful for drawing and making texture on fabrics.  The shiny fabrics Kate used are perfect for showcasing the stitches and the gradual shading in tones is just perfect!  Thanks Kate for bringing these to me!!

The next photos are my green tea and sweet beans quilt which I started about two years ago from Amitie textiles in Australia.  Jen Kingwell's designs are fabulous to see and a real enjoyable challenge to complete.  I still have the borders to do, but I'm nearly there now..

The photos are not brilliant, but you can see the detail!!  I just love this quilt..
I have also been trying out some fabric crochet using leftover 21/2" strips from bindings.  I think this might turn into a floor mat..its rather like a rope effect and it is becoming quite heavy!!

Inspired by the handwork in the green tea quilt, I have been drafting some Japanese patterns to create some cushions...this is one I have finished!
Then there is a quilt for Mr Zach too..
I used the cuddle fabric on the back of this one and it is really lovely and warm!    And of course, a picture of the boy!!
Lastly, a modern baby/lap quilt...using some of my new fabrics from my online store!
Off to quilt a Dear Jane quilt this morning...this will take some time....
Until next time.....


  1. Woweee Karen, your GTASB's quilt is AMAZING!! So much beautiful work in there. Oh, and I adore Mr Zach!

  2. Love the newspapery background on your Green Tea & Sweet Beans--so appropos!! What a lovely quilt you have made..Julierose

  3. Karen, what fabulous work and quilting. I love the Northern Lights art quilt and the quilting. Gorgeous modern baby quilt. Mr Zach looks very comfy.