Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy days, more quilts and modern fabrics...

This is the view from my back window....all looks very pretty but we are so not equipped to deal with snow in the UK!!!  The woollies have been sent into a frenzy by all the white stuff..Raffi spends most of her time burying her ball and trying to find it again, then rushes after Zach as they race around the garden!!
Meanwhile, F's quilts are nearly done...this is one of my favourites..

I have also been experimenting with some thread tidy/armchair tidy designs and there is a new bird on the block!!!  Mr Zach is not sure of it.....

The pincushion can be removed, loose threads can be popped in the bucket and scissors etc can be kept safe in the pockets...

Keep safe and warm in this cold weather.....until next time!


  1. Oh Karen, your armchair tidy is just the cutest and so practical. Love the quilt too. We have snow too but I think you may have a bit more!! My cat sleeps on the back of the settee just like Mr Zach!

  2. My kitty would be steeling the pins out of the cushion! Very cute though, and a brilliant way to weather the snow.

  3. Oh my that snow is so pretty! I am totally in a snow free zone where I live so it is always a novelty for me.

    We have a bichon too, who thinks the couch was specifically put there for his own benefit! Glad to see yours thinks along the same wavelength! Such a cute little tidy.

  4. Love the arm chair tidy, I could do with one of these.