Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Meadows and quilts.....

I had the opportunity to take my camera out with me when I was walking the dogs a couple of days ago...normally my hands are taken up with ball throwing or handing out kibbles to Mr Zach, but this time, those things had to wait!!

The flowers and grasses were wonderful....masses of colour and lushness!!  I'm not sure the dogs thought so however, as we are having a problem with grass seeds in their coats and paws which has caused a trip to the vets recently.  Poor woollies!
I have also finally completed M's japanese quilt...a beautifully sewn quilt with very complex piecing.

The pictures don't really do it justice!  Today its finishing off time...a few edge to edge quilting jobs to complete.  And maybe a little time to do a little more on a miniature quilt I am making!! (Oh, and watching the highly compulsive Olympics on the telly!!)   Not sure the day is going to be long enough!!!  
PS If you do read my blog, please do comment....I love to hear from my readers!
Best wishes,


  1. That quilt looks amazing - I'm sure the person who pieced it will be delighted with the end product.

  2. Poor puppies.

    Your quilt is beautiful.