Monday, 19 March 2012

A mini quilt ...or two....

I received a mini quilt in the post all the way from arrived on Friday, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with  bow. Beautiful...
What was inside the parcel was even more lovely.....

Look at the tiny pieces...
It came from Lynette in California, so thank you so much Lynette, I am really delighted with this lovely quilt which must have taken ages to sew.

I have recently designed a tiny quilt to put on my webshop....

Great fun and quick to make!! 

And finally, I hope all you mums out there enjoyed a good Mothers Day!  It happened to coincide with Mr RC's birthday, so a good day was had by all!


  1. Lucky you getting such a beautiful mini quilt. I just love it.

  2. What a gorgeous little mini! And your own mini is also lovely, the quilting is really pretty.

  3. What a beautiful gift to receive. How are you enjoying your new camera?

  4. LOVE the tiny quilt from California - what a treasure. It's nice when something other than bills shows up in the post, isn't it?