Monday, 9 January 2012

A bite, a marathon and a new chicken....

Poor Mr Zach,  out in a pub, minding his own business, my poor boy was bitten by a nasty terrier ....thankfully he is okay
I have been busy with my mum's quilt  over Christmas, but following a fall in the woods, I had been making very slow progress with it.  Finally however, it is done and lovely...Hope she loves it

And to lighten the mood a little, I have been busy making a chicken pot handle holder ..... I am visiting a quilt group in February and they wanted a little project for the evening, so I thought that this would be fun
His head is a bit large so I have refined the design today....more later!!


  1. Karen, love the quilt and it is a reminder that I another UFO to finish! How is yours coming along? Jette

  2. Jette, having spent an age doing my mums quilt, I have completely lost interest in finishing mine!!!! Got to give it some time I think!!! Hope you are well! xx

  3. Hi Karen
    Just a friendly comment re your pot holder project for the sewing evening at Village Green Quilters on Tuesday evening. I was a little surprised to discover that we would have to pay £2 if we wanted the pattern for the project. All the sewing evenings we have had with other traders have included the pattern/instructions as part of the evening. Did the group not pay you a fee for the evening? Most traders take a sewing evening with a group as an opportunity to sell their 'goods', and thus cover any costs involved in providing instructions/patterns. As I say, just a friendly comment, in the interests of keeping sharing and goodwill flowing in the 'quilting community'.

  4. My mum would love this quilt, it's so her style! Did you design it yourself or is it a pattern?