Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas is coming....

Continuing to quilt...having some fun with custom work and trying to get things done before the holidays.  Fiona's quilt has been sent off..what fun this one was..

It is difficult to see all the stitching, but each boat block had different weather!!  Sort of ran out of ideas by the time I had completed all of them!! Another quilt done since then and I am currently trying to finish one made from vintage fabrics!  I shall probably have to work right up to Christmas eve, but we have family coming to stay, so sometime must be spent on getting ready for that!  Always last minute, I'm afraid!!
Today the weather is horrible, although I managed to walk the woolly monsters before the rain started.  It is soooo dark right now, so we are staying cosy in the house and studio.  Must go now, lunch awaits and Zach is making a terrible noise out of the back windows!!  I'll go and see what the matter is....

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