Friday, 10 September 2010

Busy, busy, busy....

Well it has been a busy week...and lots of quilts finished and delivered to their homes!  I've also been inspired to try some crochet...haven't done that for years!  So with new instruction book to hand, I have made some flowers.  The first one came out like a woolly blob, but the rest are okay!  I have really enjoyed making them.....

One of the quilts I had to do this week was a lovely baby quilt...very sweet
And I have just received the Bernina attachment for my Curve Master foot which I bought at the FOQ in had to have a go at making some curved blocks
The pups didn't think much of all this business and flopped out on the back of the settee!


  1. Very cute baby quilt! I love the birds. How are you liking the curve foot? I saw one at the Home Machine Quilting Show here but didn't buy it. I am kinda regretting it now. Guess I will have to get one next year!

  2. The curve master foot is really good and I think you can buy it over the internet. The piecing was done using no pins, so saves a lot of time! If you have a Bernina you have to buy an additional shank for your machine. Thanks for your comments...lovely to hear from you.