Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spring has arrived and bluebells in the woods...still busy

Spring is everywhere....the bluebells are wonderfully fragrant and so gorgeous in the woods and the air is heady with their perfume.  The woollies are of course oblivious to all this poetic stuff....just sniffing and rummaging in the undergrowth!!!
I have been so busy of late that I must admit to feeling a little befuddled by things in general!!  Fairly numb to most goings on .....not good!  We are doing a lot of quilt fairs and shows this year and it all takes time to prepare.  i also am very busy with longarming too as well as the setting up of a new quilt group in the local village barn hall.
Maybe a little too much for comfort???
Today, I have the same busy schedule but I thought I would catch up on blogland as I have my morning coffee....the bluebell perfume has clearly gone to my head!!!  as I have not done this in ages.


  1. I hope you get some time to yourself soon! The new quilt group sounds exciting, hope it goes well!

    1. Birthday coming up, so hopefully some precious time being spoilt!!!!

  2. I found you through the blog of "Archie"
    looked you up because the name of your blog is surprisingly cute!

    Love quilting as well , but I am not that good, I'm afraid. Feel free to have a look:

    and here:

    Happy Easter!


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